The generators are special (a naming convention in Spruce CSS only) mixins, which we use to generate base styles.

By default Spruce CSS doesn’t generate styles; importing it, you access the variables, mixins, and functions but nothing more. If you wish to use the styling, you have to include them explicitly.

The Goal of the Generators

The goal is to separate other Spruce CSS functionality from the style generation and modularity. There can be cases where you don’t need all or any of the given CSS code.

The Difference Between Generator Mixin and a Regular Mixin

  • A generator mixin is always prefixed with generator-*.
  • A generator mixin gives back complete declarations with selectors (you may parameter the selectors). It is a wrapper to call style declarations.
  • A generator mixin is usually used once per project. Including any of them more than once may generate unnecessary repetition and bloat.


Using generate-color-variables, we can generate our CSS variables from a map object everywhere we want. You can find an example in the core.

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NameDefault ValueDescription
$colors$colorsThe color Sass map.
$selector:rootThe selector which will scope the CSS custom properties.


@use 'sprucecss/scss/spruce' as *;
@include generate-color-variables(


The generate-styles is a shorthand to call all the mixins from below the list. You can control the output by the $generators map.

@use 'sprucecss/scss/spruce' as *;
@include generate-style;

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