A straightforward administration template with standard views and many components.

The Root theme is minimalistic, still containing many things that can be handy when you build a fully-fledged administration app.

The template is used in our Laravel admin package named Root, so it will probably change regularly.

We used Alpine.js to handle the JS code. Although there are some quite complete JS behaviors, this template is still static HTML/CSS, so you have to tackle the back-end and front-end functionality.

What's in the Box 📦

The admin template comes with dark mode support that you can switch at the user menu by default.

Right now, you can grab the following views or layouts:

There are a lot of admin-specific components:

  • A reusable modal component.
  • Data table block with search and filter support.
  • A simple in-text search.
  • Various drop-down menus for context actions.
  • Widget cards to display data and graphs.
  • Media handler modal to list and handle your images.
  • Combobox for multi-select purposes.