Hey there, this post summarizes what we plan this year for Spruce CSS. It is a small roadmap for us to know what to do.

We have maintained and used Spruce CSS for almost two years and immensely like it. We know it is a niche CSS framework and like it this way. Our main goal is to make it usable for ourselves; as we see it, we are succeeding in this requirement.

All of our new works and side projects are built on this framework, giving us the speed, maintainability, and extensibility we need. Spruce CSS is mature enough today, so there are mostly minor or patch releases, but a major update can also happen.

There are three categories that we are going to focus on in 2024.

1. Documentation Site Migration

We will migrate the documentation site from Gatsby to 11ty. It seems that Gatsby won't be any better, and we just love 11ty (which is one of the main parts of our stack now).

2. Extending the Components

The components are a helpful and easy-to-use snippet collection, but we should have paid more attention to it last year.

We published +10 new ones and reorganized it last December, but it should contain way more components.

We plan to utilize more Alpine.js, a really cool JS library for how we and Spruce CSS think and work.

3. Creating Templates

Now we have an HTML and 11ty template for free. This year, we will add at least one more for free (and iterate - and maintain - over the current ones) and try to make some paid ones.

Maintaining OSS is an interesting challenge that requires a considerable amount of time. It would be nice to generate some revenue straight from the project.

In general, making templates (and through more components) is the most crucial goal of this year.

Thanks for reading!